5 Step Strategic Checklist to Dental Practice Ownership by Dr. Jarrett Manning DDS

The Dentalpreneur's Strategic Checklist to Dental Practice Ownership

Break through fear of failure, design a smart practice with systems thinking, build your ideal team, and finally free yourself from the employee trap to build a dental practice you can call your own.

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The Dentalpreneur's Strategic Checklist will show you how to:

  • How to break through the fear of failure when launching your own dental practice 
  • How to determine what key team members you need for planning a practice
  • How to avoid complacency in your business
Dr. Jarrett Dental Practice Checklist

Dr. Jarrett L. Manning aka Dr. Jarrett is an accredited dentist, practice owner, business and life coach, author, wife, and mother. Dr. Jarrett is the owner and practitioner of JLM Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia and is also the founder of Beyond Her Smile, a non-profit organization that advances positivity among young girls and exposes them to the fields of dentistry and medicine. 

She also dedicates her time to teaching and empowering new dentists about the industry, and in addition to being a frequent speaker, she runs Dental CEOs LLC, a premiere educational platform for new dentists who are looking to become successful dental practice owners.

As America’s favorite dentist, Dr. Jarrett is frequently called upon by local and national media to give a fresh perspective on oral health issues. In the office, she strives to create a professional, comfortable and friendly atmosphere, while providing personalized, gentle care.